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Enjoy one of the most classic houses in the South Zone. We have an air-conditioned room, a reserved room with bar, a personalized service for your relaxing moment. Tell me how you would like it and let us fulfill your wishes!

Samanta - Eden SPA (2).jpg
S a m a n t a
Thaisa - Eden SPA (4).jpg
T h a i s a
Carla - Eden SPA (5).jpg
C a r l a
Fernanda - Eden SPA (1).jpg
F e r n a n d a
Perola - Eden SPA  (5).jpg
P e r o l a
Mirela _ Eden SPA (4).jpg
M i r e l a
Sabrina - Eden SPA (6).jpg
S a b r i na
Camila - Eden SPA  (5).jpg
C a m i l a
Carol - Eden SPA  (1).jpg
C a r o l
Sol - Eden SPA (6).jpg
S o l
Gabi - Eden SPA (2).jpg
G a b i

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Nossa Sra. de Copacabana Avenue, 583  -  Room 401
Copacabana / Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Tel:  +55 21 3627-3130

Tel: +55 21 2545-7664

           Whatsapp: +55 21 99818-8399

Customer Service Hours

Mon | Friday 10 am to 10 pm

Saturday | Holiday 10 am to 6 pm